Workshops and seminars

Beside a wide variety of products that I make, I also want to share my knowledge with you. That is why I am offering:

  • Workshops for pre-school children (as a herbalist, a dressmaker or tailor – creation of herb pouches, pillows, tea mixtures etc),
  • Presentation of the fairy tale: The Kingdom of Tooth Fairies,
  • Workshops for school children (basic knowledge of herbs, preparation of various syrups, ointments, creation of pillows, balls etc), also in the form of nature excursions,
  • Workshops for adults (demonstrating the creation of various products),
  • Educational seminars about herbs, products, their preparation and creation. 



  • What we need to know about herbs (gathering, drying, storage),
  • Let's learn about medicinal herbs (mint, balm mint, calendula, nettle, elder),
  • Preparation of herbal syrups (spruce tips, elder, plantago),
  • Sewing herb pillows, balls, pouches, and filling them with grains and herbs,
  • From a grain to bread – presentation and planting of various grain seeds (in particular for kindergartens),
  • Essential oils – application, properties and extraction  - lectures, demonstration of application,
  • Preparation of herbal oils (preparation of macerates), tinctures, ointments, deodorant agents,
  • Learning about herbs and preparation of tea mixtures,
  • Making your own hard soap bars, washing powder.


Price list: 

Educational seminars

60-90 min

60 euro

Seminars and workshops – creation of pillows, production of ointments, soap bars, tinctures, teas / 30 people maximum

120 min

100 euro / person

Workshops and creative activities for children - The price depends on the procedure and the use of materials. The products are taken home.


4 – 8 euro / person

Workshops or nature excursions for school children, in cooperation with their teachers. Prices as agreed.


1 – 2 hours long workshops, or 4 – 5 hours long nature excursions

As agreed

Availability of additional contents and topics.


Kmetija Hudobnik is located in Breznica by Prevalje, in the direction toward Strojna. It overlooks two Koroška pearls: Peca and Uršlja gora.

  • 031 24 80 75

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