Pillow - teddy bear 24 x 15 cm


In the times of our great grandmothers particular health symptoms were relieved by applying natural methods. Allow yourself to feel the same. Pillows will offer you mild and dry warmth, with natural materials that are pleasant for your body.

They act as a warm compress. They are filled with OAT GRAINS or HAY FINES. They are intended to warm all affected parts of the body.

The products are handicraft and are awarded DUO Certificate SLO Handicraft 7062-03/11 – OAT fill  and 7093-04/11 – HAY FINES fill

The teddy bear pillow is suitable especially for children.

It is intended for warming all affected parts of their body.

  • The chest when they catch a cold,
  • Stomach pain, pains in ears etc,
  • Sinuses, when a child catches a cold,
  • Oat grains accumulate warmth perfectly and release their essential oil which has a soothing effect on the body,
  • Natural dry warmth pleasantly eases respiratory diseases,
  • The soothing effect is increased when a drop of essential oil or cream is used. (Note: Essential oils must not be applied directly on the skin due to their strong concentration. Therefore, drop a small amount of oil on the pillow or a cloth),
  • As a sleeping toy which you warm for your children before they go to bed.


The teddy bear pillow is filled with oat grains that have been produced with great care, faith, good will, and respect for Mother Nature, to relieve your children’s respiratory problems in as natural way as possible.


  • Pillow: 100 % natural cotton (inlet) – very densely woven fabric.
  • Fill: 100 % home-produced oat grains. 


The teddy bear pillow can be warmed naturally on a radiator or in the oven at approximately 70°C or in a microwave for about 30 – 40 seconds. Be careful that the pillow is not too hot.

The pillow can be reused (be careful that it does not come into contact with moisture).

Hint: You can prolong the warmth of the pillow by wrapping it in a cloth or napkin.


10 euro

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